Reflections of an Evolutionary Activist: The Shadow of Fundamentalism in the Integral Yoga
by Savitra
Savitra received his name from the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and lived at the Ashram and Auroville, where he spent 21 years (1969–1990) apprenticing “applied spirituality,” community-building, and environmental restoration in the interface of first-world/third-world realities. In 1990, he relocated to America where he currently lives in Ashland, Oregon. He is an extended research associate with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and has been a guest on Michael Toms’ New Dimensions Radio as well as a presenter at numerous conferences, universities, and institutes including Esalen, Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spiritualiy, the IONS 30th Anniversary Conference, and What is Enlightenment journal’s community retreat center. He has written a number of books, the latest being An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium, published by White Cloud Press. He may be reached via savitra AT earthlink DOT net. → Savitra shares his thoughts on The Lives of Sri Aurobindo and the surrounding controversy.