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Esha Mukherjee

Dear Friends,

With the demise of Esha Mukherjee on 23 February 2013 the Aurobindonian community has lost its only surviving member who had the good fortune to correspond with Sri Aurobindo. It is interesting to note that she was one of the three individuals to whom Sri Aurobindo had written letters in Bengali. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s letters to her reveal how fond they were of Esha who was otherwise known in the Ashram community as Dilip Kumar Roy’s niece.

Esha was born on 10 October 1925 to Bhavashankar Banerjea and Maya Devi. She hailed from two of the most aristocratic families of Bengal; her paternal grandfather was Sir Surendranath Banerjea, the famous Moderate leader of the Indian National Congress while her maternal grandfather was Dwijendralal Roy, the famous dramatist, composer and lyricist of Bengal. Esha’s parents were childless even after a decade of their marriage. Following the advice…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

When mind-nature separates itself from the physical and vital preoccupations, it can begin to focus on and develop itself along the lines of the mental force in its native, pure form. This does not, in and of itself, overcome the natural tendencies of the physical and the vital levels of being. There can result several lines of action. One of these develops more or less pure forms of mental activity essentially divorced from life, action and the needs of the physical nature. Another attempts to bring about modifications to the life of the world through what is essentially a process of compromise, whereby mental principles are adapted and watered down such that they can have an influence and positive effect on the energies of life in the material world, while life processes are uplifted and transformed by this new, higher influence.

Sri Aurobindo recognizes the need to bring the mental…

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