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                         He has left and joined the great ones at Their Feet.

Many of you will have read the reverent homage of Shraddhavan which includes some historical facts about Arindam.  This tribute, therefore, contains some of my personal reminiscences of a yogi who for me, stands alongside Nolini, on a high plateau of the Integral Yoga.

More than fifty years have passed since first we met in the U.S. and I, a callow youth, sat spellbound hearing his inspiring and illuminating words.  He usually began his talks with the words, ‘Dear Children of the Mother’ and when he spoke, although he called himself a philosopher, one felt the Presence of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo physically in the room.  In later years the Presence was so concrete that one felt, as Arabinda would say, as if the Peace, came down like a solid block of ice, but warm…

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Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles

Sunanda Poddar has lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram since the age of sixteen, except for eight years when she worked in Africa for the Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency (SABDA). Her name, given by her parents and unchanged by the Mother, means “full of happiness.”

Early on, Mother devoted much time to and showed great interest in this engaging and charismatic woman. Sunanda is the author of books and plays of fairytales for children, and was a teacher in Auroville and the Ashram school. She worked with her husband, the late Balkrishna Poddar, at SABDA in the Ashram and in East Africa. Sunanda is a clairvoyant and pranic energy healer working with crystals. Since 1989, she has been the caretaker of Srismriti, the Mother’s Museum. Here begins her extraordinary story.

Family background

Anie: Where were you born and what was your family life like? Were your parents spiritual…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

What usually happens is that when the body reaches its maximum intensity of aspiration or of ecstasy of Love, it is unable to contain it. It becomes flat, motionless. It falls back. Things settle down—you are enriched with a new vibration, but then everything resumes its course. So you must widen yourself in order to learn to bear unflinchingly the intensities of the supramental force, to go forward always, always with the ascending movement of the divine Truth, without falling backwards into the decrepitude of the body.

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Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles

January 1966

     Whatever you do in life must be done as a service to the Divine and nobody else.

Whatever you are, think or feel, you are responsible for it to the Divine and to nobody else.

He is the sole Master of your being and your life. If in all sincerity you surrender entirely to Him He will take charge of you and your heart will be in peace.

All the rest belongs to the world of ignorance and is governed by ignorance which means confusion and suffering.


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Mirror of Tomorrow

Between two rainbow-coloured columns there is a being of big stature; his head, that of quite a young man, is encompassed with small blond ringlets, his eyes are green like the sea; he is dressed in a tunic of light blue and on his shoulders there are two big fins, snow-white and winged-shaped. On seeing me, he stands against a column to make room for me to pass. Hardly do I cross the threshold when an exquisite melody comes and strikes on my ears. Here the water is all a rainbow colour, the ground is sanded with iridescent pearls, the parvis and the vault from which grateful stalactites hang are like opal; delightful perfumes are spread everywhere; there are galleries, openings, corners, on all sides, but straight before me I see a great light and it is towards that that I proceed. There are great rays of gold, of silver…

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Many people around the world will be saddened to learn of the passing of Professor Arabinda Basuwho, almost 96, left us on Tuesday July 3rd around 7.15 pm, from the Ashram Nursing Home where he had been under treatment for a couple of weeks. Arindam-da – as he was known to many – was named after Sri Aurobindo at his uncle’s request, and came under the influence of the Master as a college student in the early 1930s. During the 1940s he was regularly visiting the Ashram for Darshan, and he received the encouragement of Sri Aurobindo for his academic career. In the 1950s he was invited to become Professor of Comparative Religion at the University of Durham in the U.K. There he was in touch with the first small group of Sri Aurobindo’s followers, brought together by A.B. Purani – our friends Joy Calvert, Edith Schnapper…

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Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, 3 July 2012 at 7.10 p.m., Professor Arabinda Basu—better known as ‘Arindam’ in the Aurobindonian community—has left his physical body in the Ashram Nursing Home nineteen days before his ninety-fourth birthday. He is survived by a son. His only daughter Meera had predeceased him on 15 January 2012.

Born on 22 July 1918 Arabinda Basu’s contact with Sri Aurobindo Ashram began through Dilip Kumar Roy in 1938 when he was appearing for his Bachelor of Arts examination. He was undergoing a period of inner crisis at that time so he had written to Dilip Kumar Roy asking him whether Sri Aurobindo could help him to dispel the darkness around him. Dilip Kumar Roy asked him to write to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and, if possible, send a small photograph of his along with the letter. Accordingly, Arabinda Basu typed a letter to Sri Aurobindo…

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