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Overman Foundation



Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that Overman Foundation has published the second and enlarged edition of ‘Sujata Nahar: Loving Homage’ on 18 June 2012. Edited by Nirmal Nahar and Anurag Banerjee with a foreword by Samir Kanta Gupta, the new edition of this tri-lingual book of tributes comprises of the following:

  • The Mother’s Views about Sujata Nahar.
  • Sujata Nahar’s correspondence and conversations with the Mother and extracts from her notebook.
  • Description of Sujata Nahar’s occult dreams and visions.
  • Tributes paid to Sujata Nahar in English, Bengali and French.
  • Several unpublished letters of Sujata Nahar.

This new edition also includes nine unpublished photographs of Satprem and Sujata and five rare photographs of Sujata with the Mother.

This book is available for Rs. 235 (Two Hundred and Thirty-Five) only.

Those who would like to place an order may write…

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Overman Foundation


On Friday 22 June 2012 Dolly Mutsuddi, the youngest niece of Dr. Nirodbaran, has left her physical body in the Ashram Nursing Home at the age of seventy-five. With her demise the Aurobindonian community has lost a bright jewel.

Dolly-di—as we lovingly addressed her—was the personification of innocence, sweetness and simplicity. She also possessed an indomitable spirit which age failed to weaken.

Dolly-di hailed from a family of Zamindars which was among a handful of Buddhist Bengali communities in Chittagong (now in Bangladesh). She was born on 22 August 1936. Her mother Pratibha Mutsuddi was the younger sister of Nirodbaran who had settled in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry in 1933. Dolly-di arrived inPondicherry in the evening of 23 April 1949 at the age of twelve with her elder sister Bani. When Nirodbaran informed the Mother about the arrival of the Mutsuddi sisters, she had remarked: “Great success.”…

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Overman Foundation

Dear Friends,

Today we are publishing four letters of the Mother written to Barindra Kumar Ghose between 1941 and 1945. We come to know from these four letters that the Mother used to send a sum of Rs. 100 every month during the Second World War to Barindra Kumar who had left Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1929.  

We are thankful to Shri Biswajit Ganguly for discovering these unpublished letters and allowing us to publish them in the forum of Overman Foundation.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.







My dear child,

Just received your letter and the Christmas card.

I suppose you have got the prayer for 1942.

I am sending you herewith Rs. 100 for January.

With my love and blessings and best wishes for the New Year.




My dear child,

Your letters reached…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

This has a reference to the Mother’s Talk dated 29 May 1957 discussing a passage from The Supramental Manifestation. A divine life in a divine body is the formula of the ideal that is envisaged. But it is indeed as a result of our evolution that we arrive at the possibility of transformation. It might be also that it would take place by stages, that in practice it may be found that these intermediate levels would not be sufficient for the total transformation; they could bring down to the mind only a partial divinity or raise the mind towards that but not effectuate its elevation into the complete supramentality of the truth-consciousness. Still these levels might become stages of the ascent which some would reach and pause there while others went higher and could reach and live on superior strata of a semi-divine existence.

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Mirror of Tomorrow

From CWM, Centenary Edition, Volume 13, page 381

(Regarding a Frenchman whose disappointed idealism led him to write an article critical of India)

Blinded by false appearances, deceived by calumnies, held back by fear and prejudice, he has passed by the side of the god whose intervention he implores and saw him not; he has walked near to the forces which will accomplish the miracle he demands and had no will to recognise them. Thus has he lost the greatest opportunity of his life ― a unique opportunity of entering into contact with the mysteries and marvels whose existence his brain has divined and to which his heart obscurely aspires.

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