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An experience of Syed Mehdi Imam on 29th Feb 1956 Golden Day.

Posted on: March 1, 2012

Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles

Syed Mehdi Imam has recalled his ineffable experience at the time and how he had also compared notes with the Mother herself. According to his testimony, he had been invaded and possessed in his room in Golconde on the golden day some hours after he had returned to it from the Balcony darshan in the morning:

“I was alone in the room… I was in unconscious trance…. But nearing 1 p.m., I heard a rustle in the room. I became conscious of six dark forms looking at me with intensity to disturb the experience…. Thereupon in trance I turned towards the upper air which was radiant. It was brighter than the blaze of the Sun. In the radiancy were twelve illuminated forms. They were angels of the light guarding the supramental experience…. Twelve luminous ministers of the light swooped upon the asuric forces which suddenly disappeared. I awoke with a…

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