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Supermind touched earth on 29 March 1914

Posted on: February 25, 2009

Mirror of Tomorrow  “What Thou Willest, What Thou Willest”

by RY Deshpande on Wed 25 Feb 2009 03:43 AM IST |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos



The Mother came to to meet Sri Aurobindo. She was already aware of her mission but she was in search of the light that would guide her on the way. She was already an initiate, as Sri Aurobindo had told Nolini Kanta Gupta. But the path had to be taken up yet. She knew there is one who will guide her and so she was guided. Even before their meeting on 29 March 1914, Sri Aurobindo was in spiritual and material contact with the Mother. She came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo. She continued to live in to do Sri Aurobindo’s work. The purpose of her life was to serve the Truth in order to hasten the Rule of Love upon earth. This was her prayer to the supreme Lord. Her approach was to entrust destiny to him who guides us, who illumines us, moves and inspires us. The moment on 29 March 1914 she met Sri Aurobindo, she at once recognized him as the Supreme himself incarnate. Now all was settled for her. […]


When 25 the Mother came in contact, in Paris, with a group engaged in occult practices. This was in 1903. She came to know of Cosmic Movement and its publication in Review Cosmique. Max Théon was the leader of this group, the Cosmic Movement. Soon she was in Algeria in 1905 first, and again in 1907. There she met Théon and his wife Alma who herself was a great occultist. This was in the autumn of 1905. A new phase began in her life. Théon used to say: “The righteous will shine like stars, but those who have guided others towards the truth will shine like suns forever.” The cosmic tradition sees the present creation as the seventh and the last. It is based on the qualities of equilibrium and progress. Six times the creation was dissolved earlier. There were six pralayas. But it will not happen now. With the descent of the Supermind the universe will continue to progress. This is what Sri Aurobindo told her.


Théon had a remarkable intuition about the coming down of the Supermind and about the new race of Supermen. But he knew that he was not meant to succeed, that he had come only to prepare the way to a certain extent. The Mother learned under him to exteriorise herself. She could go out of the body and move to different places in the occult world. In fact she would successively leave body after body 12 times, all the way up to the limit of manifestation. She had absolutely no fear and she could explore these regions in detail. On one occasion the Mother found the Mantra of Life. […]


The meeting of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on 29 March 1914 is a great event. The Mother writes in her diary that his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light. And Sri Aurobindo? That was the first time he knew that perfect surrender to the last bit of the physical was possible. The complementary aspects have come together and in their incarnate fusion is now to be born the future. In the fire of their Tapasya is to take the birth of divinity in this world.


Later, the Mother told something significant. When she first met Sri Aurobindo she was in deep prayerful concentration. In it she saw things in the Supermind; she was seeing things that were to be but somehow were not manifesting. She told Sri Aurobindo what she saw and asked him if they would manifest. He simply said, “Yes.” And immediately she saw that the Supramental had touched the earth and was beginning to be realized! This was the first time, she says, she had witnessed the power to make real what is true, the power of that “Yes”.


The Supermind had touched the earth on 29 March 1914. The yogic sadhana was now directed to fix it permanently in the earth’s physical. The Mother’s total surrender to the Lord is the only means to achieve the glorious miracle. The change has already occurred. Mirror of Tomorrow 


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