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Matrimandir moment: The 40th anniversary celebrations of Auroville commence with a bonfire and kolam offerings on Thursday near Puducherry. Hundreds of Aurovilians participated.


Featured in this Golden Day issue is a special book that pays homage to the Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother through a collection of 111 beautiful photographs taken over the years by Gangaram Malwade. The photographs, a few of which are pictured here, were first presented as an exhibition at the Ashram in February 2007. The only words to describe the devotion they inspire are those of the Mother, inscribed memorably on the Samadhi:

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The Matrimandir set in an area of 62 acres reflects the Mother’s spiritual beliefs (Inset Annai)

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Thousands throng Ashram on Mother’s birth anniversary


Staff Reporter


Collective meditation was held on playground





— Photo: T. Singaravelou

IN LARGE NUMBERs: Devotees at the Aurobindo ashram in Puducherry on the occasion of Mother’s birth anniversary.


PUDUCHERRY: A large number of devotees from different parts of the country and abroad thronged the Ashram premises on the occasion of the Mother’s 130th birth anniversary on Thursday.

Programmes to mark the birth anniversary started in the Ashram from the early hours of Thursday.

On the occasion, the rooms where Sri Aurobindo and Mother lived were thrown open to the devotees from 4.30 a.m.

A large number of devotees attended a 30-minute silent meditation, which was held on the premises of the Ashram from 6 a.m.

In the evening, there was a march-past by the students of Ashram school at the playground. The Ashram band played the Vande Mataram song as the students staged march-past.

A collective meditation was also held on the playground.

Authorities said that more than 10,000 devotees visited the Ashram on the occasion of the birth anniversary.

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