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Leslie Godwin said…
God bless you Otis for reaching out to Bob and the 1Cosmos community. It’s so hard to do that. Your letter was so compelling and explained the bleakness of this state so clearly.

All serious seekers go through this. (And others who aren’t seeking consciously do, too.) Every religion and serious spiritual teaching that I’m familiar with talks extensively about this.

I’ve found something that has helped me … in addition to Zoloft, Bob, and having some babysitting help. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother talk about the Sunlit Path. That’s the relatively easier path of yoga where you give yourself over to The Mother’s Grace and let her do the heavy lifting. I’m not the best at explaining these things, but this is my understanding of it.

The Mother gives the example of the difference between the baby monkey and the baby kitten. The baby monkey grabs onto his mother and holds on with his tight grip as she carries him. The baby kitten goes limp and lets the mother grab it by the scruff of the neck and carry it around. When I made the conscious choice to see if I could try the way of the baby kitten, it was a very hard road at first. I was very controlling and it was incredibly hard for me to even try to turn my life over to God in this way…so completely. It took at least a month of feeling very awkward about it until I felt like I could do it with conviction. I just didn’t get the whole idea of not feeling in charge of my life in big ways and small. It was almost like I was being irresponsible.

One other thing I’ve found very helpful is when I’m feeling at a real low point and very desperate, I throw myself at The Mother’s feet, basically and beg for help. It helps to feel very desperate, in my experience, because I know that I don’t have the answers or the power to help myself, so it feels completely honest to ask for help in this way.

i hope this makes sense…thanks Otis for the wonderful letter and to Bob for the great post. One last thing…knowing that other people are praying for you can be very powerful. We’re all doing that…I hope it helps,
Mrs. G

8/28/2007 10:01:00 AM  

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